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BMW Diesel Emission Claims

No-win, No-fee claims

BMW owners may be entitled to compensation after defeat devices were added to diesel vehicles so they could cheat emissions standard tests.

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BMW Diesel Emission Claims

No-win, No-fee claims

BMW owners may be entitled to compensation after defeat devices were added to diesel vehicles so they could cheat emissions standard tests.

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What Is the BMW Diesel Emissions Scandal?

Over a number of years, BMW misled tens of thousands of its car owners. The carmaker sold many vehicles that claimed to produce low emissions, but, in reality, this wasn’t the case.

To deceive its clients and the regulators, BMW used illegal defeat devices to artificially reduce NOx emissions of its cars during the regulatory tests. These emissions-cheating devices helped the vehicles to pass EU emissions tests.

However, in real life, these affected vehicles produce NOx emissions much higher than the permitted level in many European countries, including the UK. The approach of BMW was not only illegal, but also posed a threat to people’s health.

Harmful nitrogen oxide is a highly polluting substance that leads to numerous severe diseases, including cancer and respiratory. In addition, this gas harms the environment.

Additionally, many drivers may have been out of pocket because the affected vehicle they own, or previously owned or hired, would have been more expensive to run and potentially worth less. For these reasons, drivers of vehicles affected could look to claim compensation.

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How Was the Scandal Revealed?

The German authorities uncovered the scandal in 2017 when they started an investigation into BMW cars and other carmakers. Based on their investigations, they found evidence that the automakers concealed the actual emission level of their vehicles because the real emission level of cars exceeded the permitted limits.

The German authorities took legal action against these carmakers for producing cars that exceeded diesel emissions limits. In the same year in the UK, governmental research found that some BMW vehicles’ NOx reaches up to seven times the permitted levels!

In a probe with BMW executives, the company admitted setting up cheat devices “by mistake” in their cars.

Since 2018, BMW drivers in many countries have already sued the company for deceiving them and claimed compensation.

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Why Should I Join the BMW Diesel Emissions Claim?

Aside from monetary compensation because the company misled you, there are many other reasons for joining the claim including:

Why Should I Join the BMW Diesel Emissions Claim?

Aside from monetary compensation because the company misled you, there are many other reasons for joining the claim including:
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What Is the Average Payout for BMW Diesel Claims?

It’s hard to predict exactly how much you might be compensated when you claim compensation claim against BMW. The final payout depends mainly on the outcome of the case.

That said, from the results of similar claims, you can expect to receive a satisfying level of compensation. For instance, VW drivers in the diesel lawsuit received £2,100 each.


And see how much you may be owed...

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Am I Eligible for the BMW Diesel Claim?

To be eligible for the BMW diesel claim, you must meet the following three conditions:

If you meet these three conditions, you can claim if one of these cases applies to you:
  • You bought the vehicle as new or second-hand.
  • If you leased the car.
  • If you had or still have a corporate car register under your name.
  • If‌ you had the car as a gift.
  • If you had owned the car but sold it later.
  • If you purchased the vehicle through your employer based on a salary contribution scheme.
  • if you still owe money on your vehicle’s finance.
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Which BMW Models Are Affected?

Investigation around diesel emissions violations is still in progress. That way, no one can provide a definitive final list of the model affected by this emission problem.

However, the German probes determined some of the affected models. Here are they:

  • 2 Series GT 216d
  • M550d
  • 4 Series 420d
  • 750Ld xDrive
  • X3
  • 750d xDrive
  • 4 Series
  • 5 Series
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BMW Diesel Claims FAQs

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Did Anyone Receive Money From Diesel Claims?

Given the results of similar claims in the UK and globally, there is a very good chance that your claim will be successful and result in significant compensation.

Here are some of the compensation payments authorities compelled carmakers to pay previously because of the diesel scandal:

UK – Volkswagen Group compensated their drivers for the diesel emission issues with a total of £193 million. Given that there were 91,000 claimed drivers, each one received £2100.

Germany – Mercedes-Benz paid an equivalent of £830 million as a fine for its diesel cheating scandal.That’s because the investigations proved 280,000 Mercedes-Benz cars had software that provided inaccurate emission information.

United States – Daimler, the owner of Mercedes, paid an equivalent of £2.4 billion as a settlement for using cheat diesel emissions devices.Over £626 million of these settlements will go to drivers affected by this diesel issue. The rest of the amount will go to the US authorities.

Similarly, Volkswagen will pay an equivalent of £12.1 billion to settle its diesel emissions claims in the US. According to many expectations, each car owner will get compensation between £4,213 and £8,261.

Australia – Toyota is facing a potential compensation payout of £1.2 billion to over 200 thousand car owners regarding the diesel emission scandal.There are some expectations that the number might increase if more people join the claims.

To join the claim, you need to provide evidence of your ownership of a BMW of the affected models.

To do so, you’ll need to deliver only one of the following pieces of evidence:

  • The car purchasing invoice from the dealer you bought the car.
  • A document for your car insurance.
  • Leasing agreement or contract if you leased the car.
  • Copy of your finance agreements, if you have them.
  • The form of your Vehicle Order.
  • A vehicle log book (V5C).
  • The document of the salary sacrifice agreement with your employer.
  • If you inherited the vehicle, you need a copy of the will.
  • If you sold the car, you need to provide a sale invoice, receipt, or even a letter from your insurer.

Group action lawsuits like BMW diesel claims involve many complicated procedures, making a specific time frame difficult to predict.

In such cases, we introduce you to expert solicitors who can initiate the claim, and the company being sued makes a legal response. Based on the responses they make, the case will move forward.

If BMW provides a settlement offer early in the case, the lawsuit duration might be brief.

Still, considering similar cases like that of Volkswagen, it will likely take a few years. VW diesel’s claim started in 2018, with the final decision to compensate drivers made in 2022.

A defeat device is a software BMW installed in their diesel cars to manipulate laboratory tests related to NOx emissions. The device can detect when the vehicle is in a testing environment.

As a result, the device can show much lower emission levels than the actual ones. On roads, these vehicles produce emissions that are seven times higher than what the device stated when in the test.

Without these defeat devices, the cars wouldn’t have passed the regulatory tests and effectively wouldn’t have been allowed to be sold.

BMW diesel emissions claims will state that you have bought a car based on misleading information provided by the manufacturer.

By providing you with inaccurate information deliberately, BMW has committed these illegal actions:


Because of these actions, you deserve compensation for the adverse experiences you encountered with the affected vehicles.
These circumstances include:

  • You paid a price that exceeds the actual value of the car.
  • You wouldn’t have purchased the vehicle if you’d known the emissions were high.
  • You may have consumed more fuel than you could have if the emission information is accurate.
  • Fixing your car and making it compliant with the permitted emission levels will cost you considerable money.
  • The company led you to contribute to polluting the environment without your awareness.

Yes, you can join the claim if you had a BMW vehicle previously that was affected by this diesel problem. After all, owning such a car for some time resulted in losses to you. This is a sufficient reason to join the claim.

In addition, you can sell the car you have claimed at any point, even if you haven’t completed the entire claim procedure yet. The most important thing is evidence that you own or previously owned this car.

If you have more than one vehicle affected by this diesel issue, file claims for each. Claims aren’t limited to specific numbers of vehicles as long as they’re eligible.

All you need is to fill out our 2-minute claim application. We’ll confirm your eligibility and follow up with you step-by-step throughout all the other procedures.

However, you don’t have to do anything on your own. We’ll introduce you to specialist legal claims solicitors who will handle the claim on your behalf. You’ll just help us by providing the required documentation.

Diesel Emission Claims won’t charge you for joining the claim unless you win and are compensated. Claims are handled on no-win, no-fee basis.

This means the claim will be handled on your behalf and go through all the processes without any charge to you. You will only pay toward the legal costs from any compensation you actually receive.

Joining us at Diesel Emission Claim for your claim will guarantee you the following:

  • We’ll assign your claim to top-notch legal experts to ensure you get your deserved compensation.
  • You’ll complete all the procedures hassle-free as the expert we introduce you to will act on your behalf in each step.
  • You won’t incur any expenses, and no upfront costs are involved. You’ll only pay us legal fees in case of winning the claim.